SSt:under a surface of thick black slime

me and my peccary


1 cow

Prey’s head on predator’s torso. Eats the flesh but runs the hoof. Prey guards many of her natural qualities. inaudible to Predator are countless generations of cellular anxiety in Prey’s ears. Eyelashes looked upon by human gaze, a feeling of universal dis-ease. she retires to shade. The shade is so dark it provides no imagery, only the projection that Prey’s mind creates.

Rapid movement and muscle jerks mark her distress. Her skinny ribcage and long nipples mark the imposition of motherhood.


‘maybe ask if they have had children?’

‘Elles sont quasiment toutes enceintes’ 'they’re nearly all pregnant

‘Là il y en a 100' there are 100

‘et la reine?’ and the queen?

‘oui oui la reine peut lutter avec une vache aussie bonne, qu’elle perde la lutte, du coup, elle va avoir peur d’elle…’ Yes the queen can duel with another cow and lose the fight, and then you see, she will fear the other cow…

‘la reine c’est elle qui n’a peur d’aucune vache.’ …the queen is her who fears no other cow*